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Zembrin is Protected

– Only patented Sceletium in the world Granted U.S. patent #6,288,104
-Two additional U.S. patents pending Product sourced from patent holders.
– Only Sceletium extract licensed for commercialization Sceletium export permit granted: Permit No. IEP 0001 Exclusive endorsement by the indigenous community.
– Zembrin® is patented in the United States, Australia, and 5 other countries for its benefits and active compounds.

Intersting Facts:

  • 1st ever export permit from South African government, full compliance under the Biodiversity Act.
  • International best practice benefit-sharing agreement with South African San Council
  • Endorsed by indigenous people with the exclusive use of their trademark for a Sceletium product
  • Biodiversity leadership hailed at UN Nagoya conference by Minister of the Environment
  • Ecologically sustainable plant production & cultivation, to EU and Global GAP
  • Reliable supply chain and validated QC through own propagation & production