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Unique selection of the South African plant Sceletium that is rich in mesembrenone, and low in mesembrine developed into a proprietary, standardized extract, trade marked as Zembrin®.

All studies, safety data, claims, patents, bioprospecting permits and export permits will be related to the proprietary standardized extract Zembrin® and is not applicable to other forms of Sceletium

“When we came to the Coperbergh in October, it was being gathered from the surrounding hills by everybody. They use it as the Indians use betel or areca, and are of a very cheerful nature because of its effect one could expect profit from its cultivation”
– Governor Simon van der Stel, 1685

Sceletium Botony

  • Mesembryanthemaceae
  • Sceletium crassicaule
  • Sceletium emarcidum
  • Sceletium exalatum
  • Sceletium expansum
  • Sceletium rigidum
  • Sceletium strictum
  • Sceletium tortuosum
  • Sceletium varians

Current indigenous use of Sceletium

  • Stress – physical thirst, hunger
  • Stress – emotional arguments
  • Stress – colic & teething infants
  • Well-being – masticatory